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Discover TaskRabbit Alternatives Gig Platforms for Extra Income in 2023

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Are you looking for a side hustle to boost your income, yet find that TaskRabbit is not quite hitting the spot? I have got you covered. Join me as we dive into the vast ocean of 27 dynamic apps and ...

Are you looking for a side hustle to boost your income, yet find that TaskRabbit is not quite hitting the spot? I have got you covered. Join me as we dive into the vast ocean of 27 dynamic apps and websites alternative to TaskRabbit. These gig platforms for extra income could be your ladder to financial freedom. So, if you have an open mind, a bit of extra time, or a need for unearthing new income avenues, keep reading!

But first, what exactly is TaskRabbit and why has it been such a hit?

Hey there! You’ve likely heard of or even used TaskRabbit for those quick, short-term jobs. But let’s be real, it might not be everyone’s favourite. There are countless other platforms out there that are just like TaskRabbit, offering ample opportunities to fatten up your wallet. I’m here to guide you through an exciting expedition exploring 32 outstanding websites and apps similar to TaskRabbit. These could be your launchpad to a more prosperous 2023. If you’re adaptable and have some extra hours to spare, or if you’re itching to find new ways to earn, stick around.

Now, let’s understand about TaskRabbit. What’s all the buzz about it?

TaskRabbit takes the limelight as a platform that lets eager folks like you boost their income on their own terms. The freedom to build your own timetable and grab any short-term gigs right in your local area makes it an ideal side gig for some pocket change.

The type of gigs you can find here are as diverse as a box of assorted chocolates. You’ve got grocery shopping, house cleaning, furniture assembly, even handyman jobs—so there’s always something for everyone.

Being a Tasker isn’t just about earning some fast cash—it’s about getting a decent paycheck for your work. Some tasks might need specific skills or background checks, but really, all you need is a positive attitude and a solid dedication to doing a great job.

As one of the first players in the gig economy, TaskRabbit has grown into a thriving platform that connects people who need help with those who are willing to lend a hand. With a whopping 200,000 taskers and heaps of reviews, it’s a well-trusted name in the gig scene.

On TaskRabbit, you, as a freelancer, could earn anywhere between $16 to $100 per hour, according to various testimonials. You can set your hourly rates based on your skills and the difficulty of the task. And don’t forget the potential tips from happy customers, which can sweeten the deal even more. Payments are made directly to you each week or month after you complete a task.

Let’s dive into the ocean of TaskRabbit alternatives now!

1. EasyHire is your personal matchmaker for gig jobs aligning with your skills and preferences. This platform intends to take the stress out of job hunting, providing an assortment of short-term projects, freelance, and part-time positions.

To jump-start your EasyHire journey, simply create a profile and load up your resume, portfolio, and other relevant details. Tailor your job search based on your skills, location, and preferences. Also, don’t miss out on job recommendations customised for you.

A major perk of EasyHire is that it serves as a communication bridge between job seekers and potential employers, making the hiring process a breeze. Freelancers can fix their rates and negotiate directly with clients, and EasyHire helps manage payments and invoices, ensuring a smooth transaction.

2. Thumbtack is a comprehensive substitute for TaskRabbit, Thumbtack is worth your consideration. This platform bridges the gap between clients and local professionals, offering a broad spectrum of services. Enter your geographical location and the task you require assistance with, and Thumbtack will guide you to the right person to meet your needs.

From event organisation and photography to plumbing and pet care, Thumbtack has got it all. Additionally, the platform enables you to set up a profile that potential clients can use to find you with ease. Clients interested in your services can contact you directly via the platform.

The ability to dictate your work schedule and charges on Thumbtack puts you in control. Furthermore, a review system allows your clients to give feedback about your services, fostering trust and paving the way for future job opportunities. The platform also ensures you receive competitive pay for your services.

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3. Fourerr is an excellent platform for freelancers to market and sell their services. Its standout feature allows sellers to price their services anywhere from four to a hundred dollars.

If you’re a freelancer seeking a quick buck, Fourerr is an ideal spot. Jobs ranging from graphic design and content writing to virtual assistance and web design are available here.

After signing up, users can list the services they offer, and buyers can place orders. Sellers receive their payment once the buyer marks the task as completed. It’s an outstanding platform for freelancers beginning their online careers. It aids in gaining recognition and establishing an online presence without a significant financial investment.

4. Steady If you’re looking for something more long-term, Steady might be the right choice. With Steady, you can discover long-term work opportunities and build a career within the gig economy. With a diverse range of gigs on offer, you’re bound to find something that aligns with your skills.

Steady primarily offers four types of work – work from home, anytime, full-time, part-time, and recently added work. This platform claims that its members can earn up to $5,500 per year, presenting an attractive proposition for those seeking stability within the gig economy.

With career coaching and job search assistance from Steady, you’ll be well on your way to a successful career in the gig economy. If you’re on the hunt for a TaskRabbit alternative, consider Steady. It provides an array of gigs and a dedication to assisting you in securing long-term work, ensuring you’ll find a suitable match.

5. Fiverr: Among the TaskRabbit alternatives, Fiverr is the most renowned platform. This platform serves as a hub for freelancers and clients seeking services across various categories like graphic design, digital marketing, writing & translation, video & animation, music & audio, and programming & tech.

Fiverr allows clients to purchase gigs ranging from $25 to over a thousand dollars, depending on the gig type and complexity. The website also offers a variety of tools and resources to help clients find the right freelancer for their job.

As a freelancer, you can create your profile with a portfolio, set up service packages, and start offering services. Whether it’s a short-term contract or a long-term one, Fiverr offers it all.

In comparison to TaskRabbit, Fiverr is more suited to digital-related services. This site operates on a review-based ranking system; the more successful gigs you complete, the higher your ranking. The better your rating, the more jobs you’ll secure.

6. Jobble is less focused on handyman or home service tasks and instead pairs employers with job seekers for more flexible, gig-style employment. It’s a unique spin on traditional job boards, as Jobble connects individuals with on-demand positions across a range of industries.

Whether you’re seeking employment in retail, delivery, events, or even healthcare, Jobble can help you find opportunities in your local area. You can apply for jobs directly through the app, communicate with potential employers, and even manage your work schedule.

One unique feature of Jobble is the Jobble Community, a platform for job seekers to connect with each other, share experiences, and give advice. It’s a supportive and engaged space, helping to navigate the gig economy.

7. Upwork is a leading platform for freelancers to find work in a wide range of fields, from writing and graphic design to consulting and programming. This website is another excellent TaskRabbit alternative for digital services.

Upwork uses a bidding system, allowing freelancers to bid on jobs posted by clients. You can create a profile showcasing your skills, experience, and portfolio, and use this to attract potential clients.

While Upwork takes a small percentage of your earnings as a service fee, it provides a secure platform for job searching and facilitates clear communication between clients and freelancers.

8. Field Nation: If you’re a freelancer with technical skills, Field Nation is a fantastic platform to find work. Businesses post tasks on Field Nation when they need a job done, and qualified freelancers can then apply to complete the work.

Jobs on Field Nation span a wide range of industries, including IT, telecommunications, health care, and retail. Whether you’re skilled in installation, maintenance, or repair work, Field Nation could have job opportunities for you.

9. Handy: are you skilled in home repairs or housekeeping tasks? Handy could be your perfect match. Handy is an app-based platform connecting customers with professionals in home cleaning and handyman services, making it a direct competitor to TaskRabbit.

For professionals, the registration process involves some basic requirements and a background check. Once accepted, you can start receiving job offers based on your skills and schedule.

Handy has a payment system that ensures you get paid promptly after completing a task. The rate varies according to the type of service and its complexity, but it is generally competitive, providing a valuable income stream.

10. Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a platform that allows individuals and businesses to outsource tasks to a distributed workforce. If you’re good at quick, repetitive tasks like data validation, survey participation, or content moderation, MTurk could be an excellent place to earn extra money.

The tasks, or HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks), are simple, and payments are made through Amazon Payments. While each task may not pay much, the accumulation of multiple tasks can add up.

11. Field Agent is an app that offers a unique gig opportunity – mystery shopping. As a mystery shopper, you are paid to perform tasks like checking a product’s availability, taking pictures of a store display, or reviewing a service.

Once you have the Field Agent app on your phone, you can check available jobs in your area. If you find a job you like, you can accept it, perform the task, and get paid. Field Agent is an excellent choice for people who enjoy shopping and would like to earn money while doing it.

12. Wonolo is a platform that allows companies to find temporary workers for various tasks. It’s excellent for those looking for flexible work in industries such as warehousing, delivery, merchandising, and more.

To start, you create a profile, enter your skills, and the app will match you with available jobs nearby. You can choose the ones you like, complete the work, and get paid quickly. Wonolo is perfect for those who enjoy variety in their work and want to explore different job opportunities.

13. Freelancer: If you’re seeking digital-related gigs, Freelancer could be an ideal alternative to TaskRabbit. Freelancer is a marketplace that offers an array of jobs, from programming and graphic design to content creation and digital marketing.

You can create a profile showcasing your skills and bid on projects. Freelancer also has a review-based ranking system, meaning your chances of landing more jobs increase as you complete projects successfully.

14. Gigwalk is an app that pays you for completing simple tasks in your local area. These tasks usually involve visiting a store, taking pictures, or reviewing a product. The more gigs you complete, the more opportunities you’ll get. Gigwalk is an excellent platform for those who have some extra time and want to earn some money doing simple tasks.

15. Turo: A Passive Income Alternative to TaskRabbit. Turo is a peer-to-peer car rental platform, that allows car owners to monetise their idle vehicles by renting them out locally. Although not a direct rival to TaskRabbit, Turo emerges as a gig job provider offering an alternative income source with less active involvement.

With Turo, car owners can generate income with minimal effort by renting out their cars when not in use. They have the liberty to set their rental rates and availability, enabling better control over their income. Turo claims that car owners can earn an average of $706 monthly, signifying a substantial income for a side hustle. Moreover, Turo offers insurance and protection for car owners, providing added security when renting out their vehicles.

16. Lyft: Ride-Sharing as an Alternative to TaskRabbit. Lyft, a leading ride-sharing platform, connects drivers to passengers needing transportation. While Lyft is not a direct rival to TaskRabbit, it presents itself as a gig job provider offering an alternative income source. One of Lyft’s primary advantages over TaskRabbit is its flexible work schedule. Lyft drivers can decide their work hours, which suits those in search of a side hustle or balancing other commitments. The platform provides competitive remuneration rates and bonuses, making it a profitable option for gig workers.

Lyft’s user-friendly application simplifies accepting and completing rides, and provides navigation, customer service support, and a rating system, ensuring safety and transparency for both drivers and passengers. However, as Lyft is focused on ride-sharing, it might not be the best choice for those seeking a more diverse range of gig jobs.

17. Postmates provides an alternative platform to TaskRabbit, focusing primarily on food and grocery delivery, unlike TaskRabbit’s wide range of services like cleaning, moving, and handyman services. Postmates provides a flexible work schedule, allowing gig workers to choose their own hours, making it an ideal option for those seeking a side hustle or managing other commitments.

Postmates allows users to deliver various items, presenting multiple earning opportunities on the platform. The platform’s user-friendly app simplifies accepting and completing deliveries.

18. Airtasker is an Australian-based platform, that connects task posters with skilled taskers. As a popular alternative to TaskRabbit, Airtasker offers services tailored to Australian users. Like TaskRabbit, Airtasker covers a broad range of categories, including cleaning, handyman services, IT and web development, photography, gardening, and more.

19. Instacart like TaskRabbit, is an online platform that offers convenience to consumers. Unlike TaskRabbit’s diverse task offerings, Instacart focuses on grocery delivery. As an alternative to TaskRabbit, Instacart brings groceries directly to users’ doors, proving convenient for those who are time-strapped or unable to visit a store. Furthermore, Instacart provides additional services such as prescription and alcohol delivery, valuable to individuals who may have accessibility issues or prefer home delivery.

20. Shipt is a platform that provides convenience for its users. Unlike TaskRabbit’s diverse offerings, Shipt focuses solely on grocery delivery. By partnering with leading retailers such as Target and Kroger, Shipt offers a broad selection of products, making it an easy and timely solution for busy individuals, families, or seniors who may find it difficult to leave their homes or prefer grocery delivery for other reasons.

21. Jobble presents a fusion of flexibility and efficiency by establishing a nexus between business executives and adroit freelancers adept at executing office tasks. Be it sales, distribution, retail, or hospitality, Jobble unfurls a panorama of opportunities for accomplished artisans such as carpenters and plumbers. Besides, the platform promotes non-binding, flexible job engagements which can be tailored to the individual’s prerogative, thereby allowing them to chart out their work regime. Ideal for individuals seeking to supplement their income, it’s the perfect conduit to financial augmentation.

22. Staffy: If you’re seeking an alternate to TaskRabbit with a hospitality focus, Staffy has got you covered. Providing a digital bridge between freelance professionals and local eateries and lodgings, Staffy has expanded its horizons to include healthcare and general labour. Kickstart your journey on Staffy by curating a robust resume and furnishing pertinent references. You can employ filters to scout for jobs in your vicinity and subscribe to email alerts for fresh job postings. Dictate your hourly wage rates and enjoy a weekly payout upon completion of a 5-day shift, subject to a $5 commission fee from Staffy.

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23. for those seeking domestic work and home service gigs, stands out as the premier TaskRabbit alternative. A digital arena where homeowners converge to post jobs, boasts a vast array of opportunities from daycare, and housekeeping to pet care and tutoring. Simply create a profile, spotlight your unique skills, expected remuneration, and prior experience, and add testimonials from previous clients for enhanced credibility. The platform is accessible free of charge, though users can unlock a plethora of features by upgrading to a premium membership for a monthly fee.

24. Porch is for skilled workers seeking gigs in general labour or specialized tasks, Porch is the go-to platform. It offers a multitude of job opportunities ranging from plumbing to roofing, HVAC work, and electrical assignments. Moreover, service professionals can purchase leads to boost their income. Upon account creation, you can display your unique skills, testimonials, and preferred work locations on your profile. A yearly subscription of $360 unlocks the premium features of Porch Pro, making it a worthwhile investment for those struggling to find leads.

25. Lugg is a unique on-demand platform, Lugg caters to individuals seeking gigs in the transportation and moving domain. It pairs a truck with two movers, hence, it’s pivotal that you are over 18 years and can lift at least 100 Ibs. Truck owners can earn up to $2500 per week, with the average hourly wage of truck drivers being $35. Besides, the tips you earn are yours to keep. Non-truck owners can find numerous gigs related to furniture moving and delivery.

26. Papa Pal is an on-demand job app tailored for senior citizens and families. As a Papa Pal, you assist senior citizens with everyday tasks such as grocery shopping, cleaning, driving them to appointments, and doing their laundry. You can also get paid for having a warm conversation with them. If you specialize in elderly care, Papa Pal is an excellent platform for you.

27. Nextdoor is a unique neighborhood oriented platform that connects residents, business owners, public agencies, and contractors within the same locality. As a business owner, you can create a page that advertises your services to your neighbours. With over 2,00,000 neighbourhoods across more than 11 countries, it’s a great option for businesses looking to expand their local reach.

In 2023, there are several TaskRabbit alternatives available if you’re looking to make some extra income. Each platform has unique features and benefits, and it’s important to research and find the best fit for you. There’s a platform out there that can help you earn money on your own terms, be it virtual assistance, running errands, or odd jobs. By leveraging these TaskRabbit alternatives, you can start earning extra income in your spare time and reach your financial goals faster than you thought possible.

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