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How to Make Money Selling Domain Names: Invest on Virtual Real Estate

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As a seasoned domain investor, I can confidently say that selling domain names can provide you with a robust additional income stream. By becoming a reseller of domain names and related online services, you will open up an exciting world ...

As a seasoned domain investor, I can confidently say that selling domain names can provide you with a robust additional income stream. By becoming a reseller of domain names and related online services, you will open up an exciting world of possibilities. Numerous make money selling domain names reseller programs, including some WordPress plugins, are available to support you in this endeavour.

I have personally found great success with GoDaddy’s Wild West Domains reseller program. By participating in this program, you can generate income not just through domain name sales but also by offering other services like web hosting, email, SSL certificates, storage, and website builder tools. Many reseller programs bundle these services together, providing a comprehensive offering for your customers.

Another lucrative opportunity lies in becoming a web hosting reseller. By selling hosting packages, you will naturally encounter clients who need assistance in selecting and setting up their domain names – and that’s where you come in!

I strongly recommend joining multiple domain names and web hosting reseller programs to maximize your earning potential. Collaborate with talented web designers on platforms like Freelancer and Fiverr to help you build websites on your hosting server, or even provide graphic design services to your clients.

Once you’ve secured a collection of exceptional domain names, it’s time to sell them. Platforms like Google Domain Auctions, Flippa, and Sedo are perfect places to list your domains and see what offers come your way.

In this digital age, countless individuals have turned domain investments into substantial income streams. They meticulously curate high-quality domain portfolios, anticipating which domains will gain popularity in the future. By purchasing hundreds of domains and holding onto them, these savvy investors are able to sell their assets at a considerable profit when the time is right.

Owning a sought-after domain name provides you with leverage, allowing you to charge others for licensing or purchase. Even less desirable domain names can be repurposed for advertising purposes. While this business can be risky, a well-chosen domain name can yield significant returns on investment.

Since 2013, an astonishing 183 million domain names have been registered but remain unused. Many of these are held by domain name flippers, who intend to resell them to interested buyers.

If you’re considering venturing into this lucrative business, here are some strategies to maximize your profits:

Seek out valuable domain names.

Focus on acquiring the best domain names to increase your chances of making money. While every site is unique, certain fundamental principles can help you identify and purchase valuable domains.

Profit from domain parking.

By setting up a sales page on parked domains, you can attract potential buyers. Many domain investors hold hundreds or even thousands of domains for a set period, earning money by placing PPC ads (like Google AdSense) on them and collecting profits. This strategy, known as parked domain monetization, relies on incoming traffic.

Join various domain auction sites.

Large platforms like and, as well as smaller sites, provide an overview of available domains for sale in your market. The types of domains available may influence your approach to making money with your own domain investments.

Explore existing domains.

Many domain names have already been purchased, but their owners might be undervaluing them. Don’t hesitate to buy other people’s domain names or inquire about their pricing. If you think they’ve undervalued their domain, make an offer.

Monitor lists of expiring domains.

Numerous websites allow their domain registrations to lapse, enabling opportunistic buyers to swoop in and claim these domains. Websites like offer searchable databases of such domains.

Earning money online doesn’t require you to build the next Google. Thousands of individuals generate income through domain name investments by buying, selling, holding. Domain names are the virtual real estate of the internet like physical properties, domain names can be bought and sold for profit, provide residual income, and be developed to enhance their worth.

Buying and Selling Domains:

Investing in a good domain name and selling it over time is a common strategy for domain investors to make a profit. Most appealing .com names are already registered, and those that don’t typically require a development from scratch.

If you’re interested in domains that are currently registered, consider these options:

Domain Marketplace/Auctions: Domain marketplaces allow domain owners to list their domains for sale. You can purchase these domains through an offer/counter-offer system or by competing with other buyers in auctions. Expired Domain Auction is a great place to start.

Domain Broker: If you find a domain name you like, hire a domain broker to secure it for you. This approach keeps your identity confidential, preventing seller price inflation, saves time by eliminating negotiation and payment hassles, and leverages a broker’s expertise to ensure a fair price.

Contact the Owner Directly: Bypass intermediaries by contacting the desired domain’s owner directly. A WHOIS lookup can provide the owner’s contact information.

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Most recognizable and generic domains for popular TLDs (.com, .net, .org) are likely registered. If you plan to register a new domain to sell later, be prepared to invest significant time and effort in domain development. Any domain name has the potential to be valuable, and adding useful content to attract traffic can enhance a domain’s worth.

Holding Domains: Parking for Profit
Many domain investors own hundreds or even thousands of domain names, monetizing them by placing PPC ads (e.g., Google AdSense) and collecting profits. This parked domain monetization strategy relies on type-in traffic, which occurs when users type a domain name directly into the browser’s address bar rather than using a search engine.

Developing Domains:
A more time-consuming but potentially rewarding method to profit from domains is to build full-featured websites around them. This approach requires much more effort, as adding value to a domain involves various steps, such as market research, content creation, and product development. Additionally, you’ll need to handle the technical aspects of maintaining a website. However, numerous online resources (open-source software, outsourcing, etc.) make this process more manageable for those less technically inclined.

Domain investment offers a world of opportunity. It’s only now that people are beginning to recognize the value of a good domain name. Whether you’re buying and selling, parking, or developing domains, investing in them is an excellent way to make money online. It’s never too late to get started!

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